thanks for the kind words! <3

"HeartsRevolution are an electro-thrash act with borderline personality disorder. One moment cheerily contemplating the future, the next tearing it apart amid fits of screaming paranoia, their overall instability makes it difficult to predict which direction their next single will take. What’s more, the ingenious sampling and synth-work of keyboardist Ben Pollock combined with the wailing pleas of vocalist Leyla Safai invoke an atmosphere so hopeless and anarchic, so reminiscent of past-punk entangled with innovative electro, that it seems to fit the cyberpunk genre perfectly.

While (the annoyingly unavailable) Wolves + Libertines probably offers the best example of punk’s flanging and delayed rhythm guitar style being deconstructed and turned into a synthetic wall of sound, HeartsRevolution’s better known single, Ultraviolence, certainly conveys the hopeless, dystopic magic I’m talking about.

Any punks wandering the streets of LA in 2019 are more likely to be listening to this than Vangelis, that’s for sure."